2 Types of Foundations

Foundations basically are where the weight of the structure is transferred. They should be the top priority during the beginning phase of the structure because they should be strong enough to bear the weight of the house you’re going to build upon it. If you don’t know much about foundations, we will tell in this article the basic types. If you also ask professionals of foundation repair in Mcallen TX, they will propose one of these types.  


The types of foundation are divided into two common types, the shallow foundation and the deep foundation. Shallow foundation meant that the depth of soil is shallow, as shallow as 3 feet. The deep foundations on the other hand have depths of 60-200 feet. Read more to know more about the foundations.  

Shallow Foundations 

This type of foundation is also called the open footings or spread footings. It’s called as such because during excavation, the earth is excavated until the bottom of a footing and then constructing the said footing. At this point, the footings are visible that’s why it’s referred as spread or open footings. Each footing will take the column’s load then spreads over a large area. If you live in a cold location, this foundation should be protected. The water around the foundation will freeze and expand and will lead to foundation damages.  

Individual Footings 

This type of foundation is used when the building’s load is carried by columns. Each column has its footing. These footings are connected by a plinth beam which is built below ground level or at the ground. To get the footing’s size, the engineer will compute the column’s total load and divide it by the SBC (safe bearing capacity) of the soil.  

Strip Footings 

This type of foundation can be found in masonry construction. It’s a long strip that supports the entire wall’s weight. The loads of the buildings are carried by the entire walls, like in old buildings which are made of masonry.  

Deep Foundations 

Like mentioned, this type of foundation has a depth of 60-200 feet.  

Pile Foundations 

A pile is made of concrete that looks like a long cylinder, and pushed into the ground. This will be used to support the structure build on its top. Usually, this type of foundation is used if the soil at the surface is weak. The building’s weight should be transferred to a layer of rock that is stronger using these piles. Another point is when the building is a high rise structure with a heavy load.  

There are two types of pile foundation. The first one is the end bearing piles; its bottom rests on the strong rock or soil. The load of the building is transferred to the strong layer.  

The friction piles works to transfer all the forces into the soil. The greater depth it has, the more building load it can support. In conclusion, the weight of load this pile can support is proportionate to the length it has.  


Hiring Professional Roof Repair Companies 

We know that there are some roof repairs that you can do on your own without hiring some professional hialeah roofer services to help you because of how easy it is but we think that it is best for you to hire these companies only because they have the right skills and equipments that is needed to permanently repair your roof.

Professional Roof Repair

The tendency of not having enough materials and tools in repair your roof is that it will only serve as temporary repair for your home and that is not good because the problem will keep coming back and it will bug you over and over again.

If you are still not convinced on why you should hire a profession roof repair company then you should continue scrolling down below for some facts and benefits about hiring them. You might be surprised to have realized some them along the way. We hope that you will gain more knowledge about the matter after this discussion. See you at the end of this article.


Since they already have the right tools that you are going to need to repair the roof of your house, the costing will be smaller because you are going to pay them for their services and compare it to when you volunteer yourself to do the task and there are tools that you do not have but you need so, you will end up buying some tools. So add up the cost of the tools and the costing of the materials that you are going to need and that will result to much bigger costing as compared to hiring a professional to execute the job.


They have studied in school, undergone trainings and read a lot of materials about this job so there is an assurance that they are experts unlike you. Since they work in companies like this, they are tasked to deliver perfect results to you so that their customers will be happy about their work and they will keep coming back because they already trust the company including the staff. This is a thing that should be considered because it is obviously important.


Professional roof repair companies will be able to give you high quality materials in which you cannot afford if you buy it yourself. If you hire these professionals, then you can make sure that they are only using the products that have good quality so that they can provide good services to their clients.


If you are going to repair your roof that means that you have to climb up and down your roof to do the process and this is not safe for every people in the world if you don’t have the right gear. For the side of the professional, there is a gear that they are wearing that can protect them from falling or any debris so that means that there is no need for you to risk your life for you roof because there are people who are devoted to do it given the right price.